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Stories spotlighting our digital tools for clinicians, NHS Wales staff, and patients.

What does digital healthcare mean for you?

The pandemic has transformed our relationship with healthcare services; in the past year, many of us will have attended a virtual GP consultation or a telephone consultation with a doctor who may have been working from home, with full digital access to your health records. As we urgently moved to minimise face-to-face contact in March 2020, we’ve seen rapid adoption of digital technology across the NHS in Wales.

GPC Wales approves request from Digital Health and Care Wales to implement Access to Welsh GP Record for Choose Pharmacy services.

GPC Wales has approved an access request from Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) to the Welsh GP Record (WGPR) in additional modules of the Choose Pharmacy application.

How digital technology is paving the way for change in community pharmacy in Wales

As the role of community pharmacy continues to make a pronounced shift towards a more integrated, patient-focused approach to care, our Clinical Lead for pharmacy, Cheryl Way, takes a look at how digital is playing an important role in shaping its future.

Q&A with WIDI apprentice, Ethan Needham

Our WIDI apprentices have played a crucial role in supporting the work of NWIS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital takes the pain out of dental referral

John tells us how impressed he was with the new dental e-referral service.

 GP Test Requesting (GPTR) Case Study (PDF, 529Kb)

Find out more about the system that's replacing paper test requests.

Charting the Cardiovascular Atlas: A Q&A with Sally Cox

Sally Cox collects data - data that can be used to improve lives and strengthen patient care.

Banks break in: Q&A with our Cybersecurity Specialist

Steve Banks picks locks. As a senior cyber security specialist with NHS Wales Infomatics Service, it's part of his job.

Analysing, examining, verifying: Q&A with Rob Murray, our Software Testing Manager

We spoke to Rob Murray, our Software Testing Manager

Spotlight on NWIS Clinical Coders

Information about patient care plays an essential part in the delivery of health services in Wales.  Delve into the world of the NWIS Clincal Coder to learn more.

Medicines Transcribing and E-Discharge

When a patient is discharged from hospital information about the medicines they need and the care they have received is sent to their GP.  This is essential to support the patient’s ongoing care.

Focus on the Managed Print Service
Providing a reliable set of printers may not sound like the most exciting of IT developments but for  GP practices who rely on printers for producing prescriptions, having a dependable service is not only important, it is crucial for patient care.
Managed Print Service benefits prescription processing

As with many IT implementations, some of the benefits are immediately expected, others appear once the service has been operational for a while, with surprising outcomes.  The recent managed print service pilot has been experiencing benefits not only at a GP practice level but right through to the Shared Service Partnership.

Welsh Results Reporting Service and Blood Transplants

The introduction of a new computer system in hospitals has reduced the need for blood and marrow transplant patients to travel long distances to clinics after their treatment.

GP Test Requesting in Healthy Prestatyn

The frustrating experience of patients sometimes having to return to their GP practice to have repeat blood tests is fast becoming a thing of the past, thanks to a new computer system.