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Help with systems and services


For health board staff

Contact your organisation's service desk if you work in an NHS Wales health board.


For organisations supported by DHCW Service Desk

Contact the DHCW Service Desk for help if you work at a supported NHS Wales organisation. (Is my organisation supported by Service Desk?)

Service Desk open hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 7.30am-8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 8pm


Make a New Service Request

Make a new service request to consume a product from the DHCW Service Portfolio or ask DHCW to consider creating a new product.




Freedom of Information (FOI) requests


View our Freedom of Information (FOI) request page.



General enquiries


To make a general enquiry or to give us feedback about our services, you can:

We welcome contact in Welsh and English.


Concerns and complaints


Your experience of our services is important to us. If you are unhappy with our level of service, you can:

Tell us about a concern

DHCW regards a concern as an expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important, and for which reassurance is sought

DHCW aims to resolve concerns at the earliest opportunity.

Make a complaint

DHCW regards a complaint to be any expression of dissatisfaction about:

  • an action
  • a lack of action
  • the standard of service provided by us
  • the standard of service provided on our behalf

DHCW aims to resolve informal complaints at the earliest opportunity.


We will send you an acknowledgement of your concern or complaint within 2 working days. Read our handling concerns and complaints policy for more information.

We welcome contact in Welsh and English.