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Digital tools for clinical staff

Choose Pharmacy

Choose Pharmacy is a service that allows community pharmacies to keep a record for each patient. 

Dental e-Referrals

Allowing general dental practitioners to electronically refer patients to primary or secondary care for specialist care and further treatment.

Digital Community Care Record (WCCIS)

Digital tools that support health and social care in Wales

Electronic Test Requesting in GP Practices

The GP test requesting (GPTR) system allows staff at GP practices to request blood tests for their patients electronically,  and gives GPs a fuller picture of their patients.

Secondary Care electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration

Implementing new digital systems in every ward in every hospital in NHS Wales.

Patient Access

Helping patients to manage their medicines in the NHS Wales App including ordering repeat prescriptions, viewing medications and nominating a pharmacy of choice.

Primary Care Electronic Prescription Service

Delivering electronic prescriptions sent to a pharmacy of an individual’s choice without the need for a paper form

Shared Medicines Record

Building a single record of medicines for every patient in Wales that is accessed easily and shared when needed.

HaemBase Cymru

HaemBase Cymru is a data solution for haematological malignancies that accurately gathers data during a patient’s cancer treatment and puts the needs of patients first.

Welsh Clinical Portal

The Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP) is a product that gives NHS health professionals in Wales access to patients' digital health records.

Welsh Intensive Care Information System

The Welsh Intensive Care Information System (WICIS) is a new high-tech digital-monitoring system for seriously ill people in intensive care units.

Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP) mobile app

The WCP mobile app is now available on iOS and Android.