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We want your views on the DHCW long-term strategy

February 6 2024 

Over the past few months we have been developing our new long term strategy, working with key delivery partners and with teams in our own organisation.  Our Board recently approved a draft version for wider engagement and we are now inviting comments and views from all our key stakeholders and partners.  View the discussion at our recent public board meeting (57 minutes in).

Digital and data is becoming ever more important.  New technologies are transforming every industry. Artificial Intelligence will change the way we work, and the way decisions are made and services are delivered.  Digital and data create opportunities to improve health and care services and outcomes, and to make them sustainable for future generations. Of course, there will be challenges too, so it is important we get this right.   

The policy direction is set out in the Welsh Government’s recent Digital and data strategy for health and social care in Wales.  Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) is the national digital services delivery organisation, working with other health and care  organisations and delivery partners to provide national digital and data systems essential to the safe delivery of high-quality health and care services in Wales.  

Our current delivery plan is set out in our three year Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP).  In our strategy we are building on our IMTP to set out our strategic objectives for 2030, and the principles we will use to help us make the right choices along the way.  Please read our draft strategy here 

Working with others as a trusted partner is an absolute priority for us - it is one of our five headline missions.  We want to know what you think of our strategy. Feedback from partners and stakeholders will enable us to test and refine the strategy before we present the final version to our Board in March.   

We have an online survey through which anyone can provide comments and feedback on our strategy. Please complete the survey and share your thoughts.

We are passionate about making digital a force for good in health and care. Our strategy is important to us as an organisation, and digital is important to everyone who cares about the future of health and social care.  Please take the time if you can, to read our strategy and to send us your views.