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NHS Wales e-Library seeks volunteers for BMJ evaluation

8 April 2022

Do you work in acute care (including community inpatient) in any of the following roles? 

  • Foundation Year 1 & 2 doctors working in secondary care  
  • Specialty trainee doctors working in secondary care   
  • Associate Specialists working in secondary care   
  • Consultants including trainers working in secondary care   
  • Nurses working in secondary care   
  • Nurse practitioners working in secondary care  

If so, the NHS Wales e-library needs your input for an evaluation of BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities - a clinical decision support tool that helps clinicians consider the patient’s comorbidities when accessing treatment information and quickly provide them with an initial management plan that is tailored to the unique needs of the patient. 

Evaluations begin on the 25th April.  

If you would like to take part in this evaluation, please complete the NHS Wales Participant Registration and Declaration of Interest Form and a member of the e-Library team will forward information on how to set up your access to BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities.  

For more information contact the NHS Wales e-library.