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National myeloma dashboard recognised at Moondance ceremony

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8 July 2022

A national cancer dashboard was in the spotlight during the nominations ceremony at this year’s Moondance Cancer Awards, highlighting teams and people across NHS Wales and its partners who innovate cancer services across Wales.

The Wales National Myeloma Dashboard supports the expansion of existing myeloma services in Wales. It records the activity of clinical teams in terms of the number of patients diagnosed with myeloma per year, a breakdown of the chemotherapy regimens that they receive and the impact of these treatments in terms of survival and quality of life. The dashboard can also be used to  analyse how patients are diagnosed with myeloma and identify any gaps in the pathway which may contribute to diagnoses being missed or delayed. 

The dashboard uses data from the National Data Warehouse and Haembase Cymru’s Outpatient Continuation Sheet, both developed in partnership between the Welsh Value in Health Centre and DHCW’s Information Services and National Data Resource teams. The dashboard is published in Microsoft’s PowerBI software and can be accessed to anyone in NHS Wales with a NADEX and Office 365 account. 

Multiple myeloma is the biggest blood cancer killer in the UK and causes more than 100 deaths in Wales each year.