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Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio at leading UK event

The UK’s leading digital healthcare conference Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) takes place at Excel London next month from September 26 - 27. Attracting around 4000 delegates, including digital leaders, IT specialists, clinicians, pharmacists and industry, this year’s focus is Enabling Meaningful Collaboration across Health and Care.

With technology innovation at the heart of healthcare transformation in Wales, Professor Hamish Laing, Senior Responsible Owner of the Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio (DMTP) will speak on progress towards fully digital prescribing in all care settings for patients and healthcare professionals.

DMTP is leading one of the biggest changes in Welsh healthcare for decades and is working collaboratively with stakeholders to introduce new digital processes for prescriptions, dispensing and administration of medicines across Wales.

Professor Laing will be taking part in a 40-minute panel session, Maximising the Power of Digital Pharmacy and Closed Loop Medicines, at noon on September 27. The panel session will focus on how standards and vigilance help to support better care and improve patient safety alongside delivering benefits associated with digital transformation. It will also cover progress on electronic prescribing and medicines administration in hospitals and what’s next for the role of digital in supporting quality improvement in pharmacy and medicines.

Professor Laing said:

"I'm delighted to take part in this event with its focus on meaningful collaboration across health and care. This is a key focus of the Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio, which places engagement and user experience at the centre of everything we do to ensure we meet the needs of the people who will use the new technologies.”

DMTP is hosted by Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) and its programme and projects are:

  • the delivery of an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in primary care
  • the implementation of electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) in every ward in every hospital in NHS Wales
  • the development of a Shared Medicines Record and
  • medicines functionality in the NHS Wales App

Professor Laing joins several speakers from Digital Health and Care Wales at HETT including Medical Director Rhidian Hurle,  Digital Services for Patients and the Public Programme Director Matt Cornish and Digital Maternity Cymru Clinical Informatics Lead Anne Watkins.

For more information about DMTP visit Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio - Digital Health and Care Wales ( or contact the team at