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DHCW pleased to enable the Welsh vaccine passport

8 July 2021

We’re helping to give Welsh people access to vaccination ‘passport’ certificates. 

Our tech and data experts have worked collaboratively with NHS Digital to develop a solution to ensure Welsh vaccination data is available through NHS England’s digital COVID Pass service. 

This means people in Wales can now access their vaccination status on the internet if they need to travel urgently and meet the vaccine requirements relevant to the country they are travelling to. The NHS COVID Pass can be accessed here.

On day one (25 June) DHCW uploaded over 3.7 million records to the COVID pass service, with ongoing data flows to keep vaccine records up to date. 

We also developed the software and database needed to manage requests from people requesting a COVID pass letter. 

NHS COVID Pass letters have been available in Wales since May for those who need to urgently travel internationally and provide proof of their vaccination status, with certificates being sent in the post. To date over 18,000 have been requested. The letters will continue to be issued only for people who are unable to access the digital Pass through the Welsh Vaccination Certification Service (WVCS), delivered by Swansea Council’s contact tracing team. People can request a bilingual NHS COVID Pass letter by calling 0300 303 5667. 

The NHS App that is used in England is not available for people to use in Wales currently.