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Community pharmacists record over 160,000 seasonal flu vaccinations on Choose Pharmacy

22 December 2021

The Choose Pharmacy application is available in 98% of community pharmacies in Wales to support accredited pharmacists in the delivery of enhanced clinical services. 

The application started with one module for Common Ailments and now includes six services.

The Seasonal Flu Vaccination Service supports the national seasonal flu vaccination effort by offering patients an additional location in which to receive their flu vaccinations. More than 160,000 flu vaccinations have been recorded this season, compared with 92,500 last year and 64,000 in 2019/2020.

With the patient’s consent, the pharmacist can refer to their Welsh GP record to check medication or allergy information thereby improving patient safety. The patient’s GP receives an electronic record of the consultation and vaccine used.

Many patients find accessing clinical services at their pharmacy very convenient. There is a pharmacy on nearly every high street, pharmacies are open in the evenings and many offer walk-in appointments.