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Digital takes the pain out of dental referral

John from Bridgend made contact to let us know how impressed he was with the new digital Dental Referral system. 

He told us: “I had to be referred to a specialist dental centre to have a back tooth removed and thought I’d have to wait weeks before I heard anything. However, that wasn’t the case. I just had to wait a couple of days to make sure the referral had been accepted, and I then was able to track my referral through a website and make contact with the specialist dental clinic.

My dentist gave me the website URL and a special reference code. I entered that on the site and all my details were there for me to see.

Within three days of seeing my own dentist I had an appointment booked to have the tooth out.  This is a marvellous service, easy and quick.  It really made me smile.

I have now had the tooth out and would like to say that Cambria Specialist Dental Surgery in Swansea was very good and efficient.”