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NHS75 Kenneth Hindmarch shares his story

To celebrate the 75 anniversary of the NHS, we will be sharing stories from a range of employees and professions across Digital Health and Care Wales. Today we hear from Kenneth Hindmarch, a Principal Software Developer.


Tell us a little about your job role

As a Principal Software Developer, I lead a team of talented developers who maintain and develop the national IT system that records patient interactions with hospitals and care settings across NHS Wales.  

It’s called the Welsh Patient Administration system and I’m proud to be in a position to ensure that it is maintained and developed to a high standard to ensure that it provides as much value to the NHS as possible.

Within the team we work using an Agile methodology which encourages a collaborative culture with a focus on continuous improvement. As a national system we get to interact with NHS staff all over the country at all levels.


What do you enjoy about your job role?

As a developer my role has both creative and technical aspects which continuously challenge and encourage the development of my skills.

As a manager I am given the opportunity to be active in the improvement of the service we provide and also lead the team to challenge themselves and develop their own skillset and get to see them grow. The culture of the NHS is focused on people, both through improving patient care but also supporting the employees within the organisation which makes the NHS a fantastic place to work.


How did you join your profession?

When our daughter Ffion was born I was amazed at how incredible the staff in Glangwili hospital are and I decided at that point that I wanted to give back to the NHS in any way that I could.

I used NHS jobs to look for any role that was available and found a Junior Developer role and applied; I had an active interest in IT but at the time didn’t have any experience with software development so I didn’t expect to hear back. Fortunately I did, and learned as much as I could in the two weeks before the interview.

Thankfully the team gave me a chance at being a trainee developer. Since joining I have been given excellent support to learn and progress from trainee developer to a junior developer then senior developer to where I am now as a principal developer, leading and mentoring my own team with the hopes that they can progress as I have.


How long have you been part of the NHS?

Almost 9 years, I joined December 2014


What does the NHS mean to you?

I am incredibly proud to work for the NHS, both to do what I can to help support the fantastic staff working within it but also to help provide the best possible care for the patients at the point that they need it.

I’m also very thankful to have been given the opportunity to join the NHS and develop individually and progress my career, it is a fantastic place to work that gives a real sense of purpose and immense job satisfaction.