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Welsh Community Care Information System helps Allied Health Professionals deliver rehabilitation care during pandemic

The Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS) is helping Allied Health Professionals ensure vital rehabilitation care is delivered in the community for people who are recovering from coronavirus.

The system will be used to provide data about the number of people recovering from COVID-19, in the community and for those who have been discharged from hospital.

It will look to collect data around the type of rehabilitation required and being delivered, where this is taking place, and response times.

It will also provide data on the method of contact - face to face, telephone and virtual consultations - and the number of contacts required to deliver a programme of care that meets the needs of the person recovering from coronavirus.

This information will help health and social services to identify how many staff are needed to deliver rehabilitation, as well as informing practice and the quality of care delivered for people across Wales.

It will also highlight any gaps in provision so resources can be identified and put in place to ensure needs are met.

This is another example of WCCIS being used to support information requirements around COVID-19 to improve care, support and delivery of services for people in the community.

The WCCIS programme was asked to support this work by the Directors of Therapies and Health Scientists and Strategic Programme for Primary Care, through the Primary and Community COVID-19 Cell.

It aligns with the national strategic drive to ensure rehabilitation remains a key and ongoing priority at all levels to support the population's recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the long term sustainability of the health and social care system.

Welsh Government published its rehabilitation framework on May 29 which provides guidance to help organisations plan rehabilitation services following the pandemic.