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Thank you and Season's Greetings

As we move towards the end of the year, on behalf of everyone at NWIS a massive thank you to all our colleagues who work tirelessly to care for people in need.

As an organisation we are proud to support you by developing new data and digital services. The COVID-19 dashboard, Test Trace Protect, remote working for GPs and a new system to record COVID-19 vaccinations are just some or our achievements over the past months.

Working with you we are finding new ways technology can make an impact and help both staff and patients during this ongoing fight against COVID-19.

2020 was not the year we expected and has been tough for all of us. Just 12 months ago, few would have been able to predict the impact of the pandemic on all our lives.

On a personal level, I am immensely proud of the dedication and adaptability of NWIS staff who switched to home working overnight while continuing to develop new software and services and provide technical support. An outstanding achievement.

Our sincere good wishes for Christmas and the New Year and we look forward to continuing to provide NHS Wales with digital services and support.

Helen Thomas

Interim Director


First published: 22/12/20