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Swansea Bay pilots new WCP admission software

Swansea's Morriston Hospital is using new functionality in WCP to maintain accurate inpatient lists - tracking patients' admissions, transfers and discharges in real time. Live inpatient lists can save hospital staff time when retrieving clinical information, such as accessing test results or accessing patients' GP summary records.

This is the latest update to the Welsh Clinical Portal - the digital health record application used by hospitals in Wales for information about patients and their care.

All medical wards at Morriston are piloting the new admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) service which links to the Welsh Patient Administration System (WPAS). It tracks patients from the point of admission to hospital, their transfers to other wards and hospitals, and their discharge.

"The new software ensures admission data about the patient is always up to date and available to support patient care," says David Sheard, Deputy Director ICT Programmes at the NHS Wales Informatics Service. "There isn't a time lag between the real-time admission and the patient's details being recorded and available through the patient administration system."

Following the pilot, the ADT release will be evaluated and made available to all health boards through the Welsh Clinical Portal.

Functionality to give portal users access to digital medicines transcribing and e-discharge services is also in pilot on Morriston Hospital's medical wards. This functionality is already in use at other health boards.

Medicines Transcribing improves medicines management by allowing hospital pharmacists to transcribe patient medications electronically.  This will support patients from admission to discharge.

e-Discharge allows clinicians to record a summary about a patient's hospital stay, which is sent electronically to the GP, avoiding the sometimes lengthy delays between discharge and information about the patient's care in hospital reaching the GP.

More information about the Welsh Clinical Portal is on our website.