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Public Accounts Committee report statement

Following the publication of the Public Accounts Committee review of NHS Wales IT systems and services NHS Wales Chief Information Officer and Director NHS Wales Informatics Service, Andrew Griffiths, has said:

“We are fully committed to addressing the recommendations raised in the review and we are working collaboratively with Welsh Government to do this.

“A number of changes are already underway to improve the national IT platform and strengthen resilience. Work is ongoing to upgrade and improve our data centres and we have implemented a robust approach to cyber security on par with global standards. A new cancer care IT system is in development, alongside improvements to the legacy cancer care system to ensure it meets clinical needs and to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

“I would like to emphasise that we have made significant digital progress over the past decade and Wales is the first nation where test results and clinical notes are available wherever the patient receives care – creating a seamless patient record. A big achievement with a massive impact on the way care is delivered.

“However, what is clear from the review is that continuing and adequate investment in IT is essential to manage both existing services and to develop new modern applications. “I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the skills, competency and dedication of our informatics workforce, which is vital to maintain existing infrastructure and to advance the use of healthtech in NHS Wales.

“We know that modern tech is vital to deliver health and care now and in the future and we look forwarding to working on improvements with our partners in health boards and trusts.”