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New interface connects with decades of data

Clinicians in Wales can now connect with decades of their patients' cardiovascular treatment history through the Welsh Clinical Portal (WCP).  

This year, important interfaces went live allowing new clinical letters and diagnostic results for patients with Congenital Heart Disease to be loaded into the Welsh Care Record Service (WCRS) and Welsh Results Report Service (WRRS) and then viewed through the Portal.

The interface connects with Cardiobase - the system supplier for the South Wales Congenital Heart Unit.

Now, working with Cardiobase, a backload of 22 years of patient treatment, clinical correspondence and results have also been loaded, allowing clinicians from across Wales to access a more complete history of their patient's care.

The WCRS is an electronic document repository that standardises documents - forms, referrals, letters, case notes, and much more - and allows them to be accessed and viewed by clinicians across health sector boundaries as well as being audited more easily.

The WRRS is an electronic results repository for diagnostic tests, which provides WCP users with the ability to view diagnostic reports and test requests for their patients regardless of where in Wales they were produced.

Each month, more than 37,000 reports stored in WRRS are viewed across Wales using the WCP.