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National view of pathology and radiology test results live in Wales


World-leading digital services are transforming the way radiology results are used in NHS Wales.

In December, Cardiff and Vale became the final health board to adopt the new digital radiology results reporting service, available through the Welsh Clinical Portal.

This milestone achievement means clinicians in all Welsh hospitals can now view both radiology and pathology test results from across Wales all in one place.

Having access to results produced in neighbouring health boards saves time, informs clinical decisions, improves patient safety and means fewer duplicate tests and scans for patients.

Rhidian Hurle, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Wales and Consultant Urological Surgeon: “This is a long awaited achievement built on the national digital platform, delivering common services across Wales. It means radiology reports from all health boards are available to all health care professionals across Wales via Welsh Clinical Portal, allowing clinicians to use their time more effectively to help patients. No longer will staff have to fax or email radiology reports from Cardiff and Vale around Wales.”

In November alone clinicians in Welsh hospitals accessed existing online radiology and pathology test results nearly 900,000 times. Of these around five percent were viewed across organisational boundaries, meaning less time phoning around chasing copies of results taken in neighbour organisations.

The Welsh Clinical Portal delivers the digital medical record for Wales.  One application for information about patients and their care. It shares, delivers and displays patient information from a number of sources with a single log-on, even if that information is spread across health boards. With information in one place it means clinicians always have access to up to date and accurate patient records.

In primary care the GP Test Results application is available providing a national view of radiology and pathology test results.

Find out more about the Welsh Clinical Portal.


Update: 03/01/2020 14:18