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Digital Diabetes records helps with patients' care during pandemic


A Digital Diabetes Consultation Note has helped to deliver care to diabetes patients throughout the Covid pandemic. The note allows healthcare professionals to record and view readings and observations, medications and other patient information. A PDF of the note is created in the Welsh Clinical Portal, which can be accessed by clinicians using the system across Wales.   


Dr Phil Evans from Royal Glamorgan hospital said: “During the COVID crisis, emergency inpatient care was delivered by clinical teams on emergency shift patterns, which meant that communication was difficult at times. WISDM (Diabetes Consultation Note) enabled diabetes related information including inpatient ward reviews to be available to all inpatient teams including intensive care specialists 24 hours a day even if the diabetes team were unavailable.”


The diabetes digital note was previously available in Prince Charles and Royal Glamorgan hospitals, and recently became available in Morriston hospital, Swansea.