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Digital consultation 'less stressful'

We were contacted this week by Rebecca who wanted to tell us how an important outpatient appointment went ahead – thanks to digital health and care services.

Rebecca has a chronic condition and the appointment with her gastroenterology specialist was critical to her ongoing care and well-being.

As the consultant was self-isolating at home, Rebecca was offered a remote telephone consultation.
She said: “My consultant was able to use the Welsh Clinical Portal from home to access my details and test results.  The appointment was just as useful as a face to face appointment and far less stressful. It made such a difference!

“The work you are doing to make digital services available for health and care is fantastic.  You are doing such worthwhile stuff, which is really coming together now. Thank you.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic many more consultations will be moved from physical to digital over the coming weeks.  This will help cope with additional demand and will allow doctors to assess people who may have contracted the virus, while providing protection for both the doctor and the patient.