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Boost to GP electronic test requests

More GP practices are now opting to use electronic test requesting since the latest release of the 'GPTR' test requesting application

The performance and speed of entering and using the application has been greatly improved - with practices now able to go directly into the system.  

Practices using EMIS systems can connect to the GPTR directly via the 'Dragon icon', and Vision practices have it in their drop-down menu.  

With thousands of blood tests being performed in Wales every week, GPTR is helping to process results quicker. Until recently, test requests have been made mostly on paper, but now staff can process the requests and receive the results digitally. Aneurin Bevan has been the best performing health board for the system this year, with 52 practices there using the full application.


"Everyone in the practice is very pleased we switched and wouldn't want to be without it now"  said Gaynor Pick, Practice Manager at Newport's Underwood Health Centre.