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A patient's perspective: how digital makes a difference

Gareth* from Cardiff contacted us on social media recently to tell us how digital services are making a difference to his wife’s care.

As a full-time carer, for the past 12 years he has accompanied his wife Mary when she attends her annual consultations with an oncologist in University Hospital Wales and at the Velindre hospital in Cardiff.

Over the last couple of years he’s noticed the doctor has been able to access much more information, thanks to the Welsh Clinical Portal.

Gareth, a former IT professional, told us, “As well as looking at my wife’s records concerning his specialism, the doctor was able to look at her GP results and records from other specialisms, and other clinics she had attended in the past, and get a picture of her whole state of health.”

As a carer, Gareth has found he hasn’t had to repeat as much information about his wife’s details and health as he did in the past, saving time and making the process less repetitive: “So much of the information is available in one place for them now. It’s been so much better and removes barriers.”

Gareth’s wife has several conditions to manage, including diabetes, and as a result they have experienced the health service in many different settings.  Recently, he has been impressed by the improvements.

He said it was a “sheer delight” to have so much less paperwork to fill out at appointments, and he’s noticed a reduction in paperwork-related mistakes being made.

“I think this is so important, as many people seem to acquire a portfolio of conditions as they get older. Bravo NWIS!”

We’re very grateful to Gareth for contacting us to tell us his wife’s story, and ask anyone who knows of similar positive experiences with any of our digital services or products to


*The name has been changed to protect the patient’s identity.