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Welsh Clinical Portal

We've introduced a digital patient record across hospitals and health boards in Wales. It's available to doctors and health professionals through a single application - the Welsh Clinical Portal.

The Welsh Clinical Portal makes it easier for health professionals to collaborate and access vital information about the patient.

It shares, delivers and displays patient information from a number of sources with a single log-on, even if that information is spread across health boards. With information in one place it means clinicians always have access to up to date and accurate patient records.

The portal improves collaboration between clinicians and improves clinical decision making by providing access to the right information where and when it's needed.

It has been designed by Welsh health professionals working with our software experts to ensure it meets the needs of NHS Wales.

Training videos are available via the On Demand Training Centre (WCP).

Watch the video below to see how the WCP is supporting patient care:




What are the main features of the Welsh Clinical Portal?

  • Request tests

Electronic test requesting allows clinicians to create test sets, bulk order tests for multiple patients and request tests for a patient on selected days.

  • Prioritise referrals

Helps clinicians sort and display electronic referrals into levels of urgency, place them on hold, or request more information from the GP.

  • Create patient 'watch' lists

Allows clinicians to keep track of patients more closely by organising patient care in a way similar to how shoppers sort their lists on consumer websites.

  • View your patient's GP record

Clinicians can access a summary of important information held on a patient's GP record, such as current medication, recent test and allergies.

  • Access results

Diagnostic test results and reports for are available to view in the portal, regardless of where they are produced in Wales.

  • Access radiology images

Patients' x-rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans taken anywhere in Wales are available to view in the portal. There is a new National Imaging Viewing User Guide available.



  • View your patient's medical history

Patients' referrals, discharges, letters, outpatient assessments, clinical notes, care plans, contact lists, and much more are available for clinicians to view at any point in a patient's journey.

  • List medication and prescriptions

A pre-populated list of medicines can be important from a patient's GP record.

  • Reduce duplication

To ensure correct identification, patient data is matched across different systems, reducing error and duplicate records.

  • Save time

Electronic records make clinical recordkeeping an information gathering more convenient and efficient.



Last updated: January 2021