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What if I don't want a summary of health information made available through the Welsh GP Record?

You can say ‘no’ to health professionals when they ask for your permission to access the summary health information through WGPR.

Alternatively, if you want to prevent all health professionals, outside of your GP practice, being able to access the summary health information through WGPR, then you will need to tell your GP practice that you want to ‘Opt Out’ of WGPR. They will ask you to complete a simple ‘Opt Out’ form to confirm this and then record your decision on the full GP record where access will be disabled.

Before deciding, you should read all the information contained on this page or talk to your GP practice about your concerns. Opting out of WGPR could make a big difference to the care you receive, especially if you are too unwell to communicate properly with the health professionals caring for you.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child under aged 16 and you do not wish for the information about your child’s health to be accessed outside your GP practice through the Welsh GP Record, please discuss with your GP practice.