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WISB Meeting Format


WISB meetings are held on the afternoon of the third Thursday of the month.

WISB Membership comprises of representation from various organisations, this includes Local Health Boards and other NHS Wales Trusts. Where possible, we have deputies who are able to attend in the absence of board members.  

Sponsors and Developers are warmly invited to attend WISB meetings. They will have the opportunity to provide any additional overview and background material related to their submission before starting the detailed discussion with WISB members. Their engagement is also likely to speed up WISB consideration of their submission. 


After completion of individual appraisals, WISB members agree the formal decision. This will be communicated to Sponsors as soon as possible after the meeting:

1.     Approved: The submission has been formally approved by WISB 

2.     Conditionally Approved: WISB has postponed approval until specific conditions are met. Time Limited. (This is always used when a Final Proposal has been approved and the remaining stage is the production and final approval of a Data Set Change Notice) 

3.     Approved with Caveats: Approval at Final stage has been given but WISB has remaining concerns over the quality and expectations of the proposals 

4.     Accepted for Progression to Next Stage: WISB accepts that project work should continue before submission at the next stage 

5.     Not Approved but Invited to Resubmit: WISB invites resubmission at the same stage after specific issues have been addressed 

6.     Not Approved but Recommended: WISB believes the submission to be worthy, but cannot proceed in the absence of a policy directive from the Welsh Government 


After the meeting, the minutes are typed up and used as the basis for the production of a WISB Outcome. This documents the main comments raised by WISB, any actions it asks to be taken by the submitter and its decision.  The draft outcome is finalised at the following month's WISB meeting. If specifically requested, the secretariat can normally provide informal feedback on the Outcome a week or so before the next WISB meeting. The Final Outcome is emailed to the Sponsor shortly after this WISB meeting. 


Details of submissions (by month) and their outcomes are published in the Information Standards Assurance Submission Log