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Work Programme

The work programme will be formed of projects aimed at achieving the following objectives, within a defined scope.


The initiative aims to:


Identify developments at local and national level to be included in the initiative;


Prioritise and develop targeted information quality reports (e.g. dashboard information quality indicators);


Develop data and information quality measures, including links to the Healthcare Standards and Quality & Outcomes Framework;


Identify and implement tools to measure improvements in information quality processes and levels across healthcare organisations, to include a review of the potential IQI uses for components of the NHS England Information Governance Toolkit;


Monitor the maintenance of organisational data quality policies to ensure that these are up to date, with a view to sharing and implementing best practice across Wales;


Assure review submissions of existing data standards prior to submission to WISB;


Facilitate the provision of advice and support to allow each organisation to develop and publish their own information quality improvement programme;


Prioritise data quality issues to ensure that the most important issues are considered first;


Improve compliance with current and any subsequent new standards including both national and operational data standards by working in conjunction with the Information Standards Assurance Process and in support of WISB Review Submissions in particular;


Drive the development of Standard Operating Procedures to describe the process involved in implementing new standards;


Contribute to the development of national performance monitoring frameworks and both local and national IM&T / IMTP plans;


Ensure that each organisation’s progress with their own improvement programme is documented using comparable measures and published;


Promote collaborative working and sharing examples of good practice between organisations; and



Develop a longer term plan for identifying and tackling strategic information quality issues.



The scope of the initiative covers: 

  • Coded data in national operational systems or local organisation-wide systems in both Primary and Secondary Care
  • Coded data in national collections / data sets
  • Information derived from both sources
  • Future requirements for information not currently being collected in relation to the above bullet points


Whilst the Working Groups are not directly responsible for supporting local data quality requirements, where improvements to local processes are likely to result in improvements to national data then these are also within scope.