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Data Quality Useful Links


Data Quality Links

  • Data Quality Standards Toolkit * - The online data quality monitoring tool for NHS Wales data sets. (Click on 'Decision Support', 'Decision Support Reports', 'Data Quality' then 'Data Quality Indicators').

  • Validation at Source Service (VASS) * - Allows organisations early warning of any data quality issues on a month by month basis, before the data has been signed off for submission to the national database.


Information Standards Links

  • Information Design and Standards Development - Provides information about the Information Design and Standards Development Team, who support NHS Wales organisations and the Welsh Government in the definition, collection and reporting of timely, accurate and consistent healthcare data within NHS Wales.

  • NHS Wales Data Dictionary - A guide to the nationally agreed definitions of data collections, data items and terms used in national data sets.


Other Links


* Currently accessible to NHS Wales Users Only