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Clinical Coding Training Programme


DHCW is responsible for funding and organising a national programme of clinical coding training on behalf of all Welsh Local Health Boards and Velindre NHS Trust. This training meets the requirements of the core curriculum for clinical coders specified by NHS England. This includes:


  • Basic e-Learning packages provided by NHS England through the Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) website, which provide a foundation of anatomy and physiology, coding theory and background, information standards, and the uses of coded data.

  • Specialist e-Learning materials designed to provide clinical coding staff with a deeper understanding of the application of classifications codes to specific conditions or procedures. 

  • A 21-day Coding Foundation Course provided by an approved training company using NHS England materials.

  • The option of a four day Exam Revision Course prior to attempting the NCCQ, in order to cover exam technique, recent changes to standards, and to plan a 30 week revision timetable.

  • Three-yearly Clinical Coding Refresher Courses, designed to cover recent changes to coding standards.

  • Clinical Coding Specialty Workshops to cover individual medical specialties in more detail, including anatomy and physiology, current procedures, and the application of relevant coding standards; including a new programme of e-Learning modules.

  • For those who wish to specialise further, NHS England offers courses in Auditing and Training other coders, for coders with a minimum of three years practical experience and the NCCQ.

  • Further opportunities for continuing professional development are available through organisations like IHRIM, PACC-UK or UKCHIP.


If you have any questions about the national training programme, please direct them to Rachael Bruce or Leanne Cook, the National Clinical Coding Training Programme Leads, via the clinical coding helpdesk: