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Substance Misuse

Welcome to the web based National Substance Misuse Information Service.  This website displays a wide range of Data Indicators, reporting on a variety of items held on the Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse (WNDSM). The Indicators and available reports are updated on a monthly basis, once the latest submissions of data are processed.

About Substance Misuse

Tackling substance misuse problems in Wales is a priority for the Welsh Government. It is a complex issue that involves a wide range of professionals and specialists services, both statutory and non-statutory. An excellent example of joint working between the Welsh Government, NHS Wales and Treatment Service Providers throughout Wales has enabled progress to be made in this area through the establishment of an All Wales Substance Misuse Database.

Robust data is crucial to help plan for the future and help us all to make better informed decisions about the planning and prioritising of treatment services. The All-Wales data collection system is a key stage in the development of a management information system that will provide strategic and operational information on the nature and extent of substance misuse across Wales and the effectiveness of different treatment services.

The Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse was established on 1 April 2005 using a common data set and standard data definitions which have been implemented as a result of the Welsh Government and Digital Health & Care Wales (DHCW) working closely with Treatment Service Providers throughout Wales.  The common data set and data definitions were updated as part of a wider review in April 2014.

The Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse provides data on people referred for treatment for a substance misuse problem. The information covers services provided by the majority of organisations that are funded by the Welsh Government. The Database provides the information needed to monitor achievements against Key Performance Indicators.

Quarterly Substance Misuse Statistics

These statistics summarise data on referrals to drug and alcohol treatment agencies in Wales.

The Quarterly Substance Misuse Reports can be found here: Quarterly Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse Annual Reports

The latest annual report can be found here: Latest Substance Misuse Annual Report

The previous annual reports published by Welsh Government can be found here: Welsh Government Substance Misuse Annual Report 

Substance Misuse Dashboard

Access to the Substance Misuse Dashboard:  Substance Misuse Dashboard

Substance Misuse Web Reports

The Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse (WNDSM) provides data on people referred for a substance misuse problem. The information covers services provided by the majority of organisations that are funded by the Welsh Government.  The database provides information needed to monitor achievements against the Key Performance Indicators and the reports which are based on information relating to the number of referrals by key data items submitted via the WNDSM.

The aim of Internet access  is to allow comprehensive and flexible access to the Substance Misuse National Database.  Following submissions from service providers, the data is updated and forms the basis of the activity analysis published by the Welsh Government relating to substance misuse.  This internet based system allows end users to view data reported on.  Service Providers have the ability to monitor their performance against agreed national targets and undertake trend analysis as data from 2005 is available.  The system also provides analyses of data in a graphical form which allows the end user to easily identify their current performance against national targets, and enable benchmarking of the performance of agencies.

These national key performance indicators (KPIs) apply to services for individuals who misuse alcohol, drugs and other substances. They have been refined as a result of a full, formal consultation in Wales and informed by the independent analysis of the proposed indicators by the Institute of Public Care.  Community Safety Partnerships should incorporate the KPIs and related indicators into all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or contracts.  Each KPI is accompanied by guidance on definitions where appropriate, reporting requirements and data sources. Any enquiries about the KPIs should be directed, in the first instance, to the appropriate Substance Misuse Advisory Regional Team.

The 2023-24 submission and publication dates can be found here: Submission Dates 2023-24


Access to the web based reports for authorised users: Substance Misuse Web Reports

Please send any queries or comments to:


Substance Misuse Documentation

The documentation relating to the 2023-24 Welsh National Database for Substance Misuse includes:

Business Definitions

Business Rules

Data Quality & Verification Rules

KPI Guidance

TOP Guidance

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