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Primary care

GP computer systems are at the heart of primary care and manage millions of patient records annually. The electronic records held by Welsh GPs can provide a lifetime of medical information about their patients. 

We provide GPs with an expanding range of digital tools that access and manage these records and help GPs to organise their daily tasks and care for patients.

  • GP Test Requesting is an electronic system for test requests and results
  • GP2GP allows a GP to send patient records electronically to other Welsh practices
  • Welsh Clinical Communications Gateway connects GPs to hospitals allowing paper referral letters to be sent electronically
  • Skype for Business was introduced to support communications and link with wider communities
  • SNOMED clinical terminology, to support sharing of data
  • In partnership with Hewlett Packard we provide the delivery, installation, support and maintenance of all new GP printers
  • WCP view access - All Wales



Last updated: January 2021