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Digital Services for Patients and Public (DSPP)


Digital Services for Patients and Public (DSPP) is all about ‘joining the dots’ of health and care information for the people of Wales.

Through a 'one-stop' app, DSPP will help Welsh people to access better healthcare and enable healthcare providers to provide care more efficiently. It’s a new, ‘joined-up’ way of looking at health and care in Wales.

    Would you like to make a real difference to the lives of 3.1 million people?

    We're looking for highly driven professionals to join our new team. Opportunities exist for:

    • Lead Architect
    • Senior Solutions Architect
    • Senior Product Specialists
    • Contract Manager
    • Business Change Facilitator (including eLearning)
    • Business Administration Support
    • Clinical Engagement Lead
    • Principal Specialist (Service Level Management)

    The roles are hosted by Digital Health and Care Wales. We are proud to win the ‘best place to work in IT’ award at the British Computing Society’s UK IT Industry Awards 2020.

    If you are interested in having an informal discussion about the programme and the people we would like to recruit, please email and confirm which role you're interested in.

    1. The NHS Wales app

    A big part of our work will be the development of an NHS Wales app, that will connect patients and the public to Welsh health and care services and be accessible to anyone living in Wales with a mobile device. This “one-stop” shop for health and care will help ‘join the dots’, allowing anyone with a smartphone or tablet to manage their health and have access to important information on health, care and wellbeing services. People will be able to book appointments, access test results, connect with healthcare professionals and much more.


    2. Developing the technology behind the app

    The programme will develop the technology for suppliers and practitioners across health and care services in Wales to make digital services available in a joined-up, safe and secure way. In short, the technology developed will mean there is one trusted source of health and care information. It will also open-up NHS Wales for future innovations in health and care digital services.

    Patients and the public in Wales will work with our team, alongside health and care practitioners, to co-produce this technology and ensure the needs of our community are met.

    Huw George, Deputy CEO and Executive Director for Operations and Finance at Public Health Wales is the Programme’s sponsor. Huw has experience working in all sectors of the NHS, which he joined in 1994, in addition to the Welsh Government on secondment. He joined Public Health Wales in 2010. Huw is supported by a programme board with the following membership:

    Professor Hamish Laing

    Professor of Enhanced Innovation & Engagement, Business, Swansea University (Digital Inclusion lead and Deputy Chair)

    Dr Sally Lewis

    National Clinical Lead for value-based healthcare (Deputy SRO)

    Helen Thomas Chief Executive Officer, Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW)
    Michelle Sell Chief Operating Officer, Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW)
    Ifan Evans Programme Sponsor - Director, Technology, Digital and Transformation, Welsh Government
    James Chess Consultant nephrologist, Swansea Bay UHB
    Stuart Morris Deputy Chief Digital Officer, Velindre NHS Trust
    Jason Walker Consultant anesthetist, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Joanna Dundon National Clinical Informatics Lead – Public, DSPP (DHCW)
    Stephen Frith Programme Director, DSPP
    Karla Scott Programme Manager, DSPP (DHCW)
    Mike Ogonovsky Chief Digital Officer, SRO -  Tec Cymru
    Daniel Davies Programme Manager, Value in Health


    GP Sally Lewis, deputy senior responsible officer for the programme and national clinical lead for value-based and prudent healthcare, comments:

    We need to be able to use modern tools to support new ways of working that support people managing their conditions at home far more than we have done currently. The pandemic has created a golden opportunity to start thinking about practical ways to do this.

    DSPP programme director Stephen Frith says it is important to clarify that “the programme isn’t just about building a product”:

    It’s about setting up a collaborative centre of excellence environment where all interested parties can come together. The concept of a product from a citizen perspective is really very large if you think about every interface that you would need to access every aspect of every care. We are not building a great big central behemoth of an NHS product to access all of that. We are setting up an infrastructure where we can plug and play, to an extent, best of breed to support particular types of care and areas of care.

    The recent Covid pandemic has shown the importance of being able to carry out tasks online, and we want to make sure that the digital divide does not become wider. We can do this by enabling the public and patients to have the skills and confidence to access health information with support from third sector, patient representative organisations and qualified digital health trainers.

    1. Why establish a digital health programme for patients and public now?

    Technology is a big part of our lives; many of us shop online, bank online, and increasingly over the last year we work and even socialise online. A digital-first approach is already aligned with our lifestyles – why should it be different for health and care?

    Up to now health, digital technology has mainly been used behind the scenes to streamline processes and improve care, leading to a better, integrated service for patients.


    2. Why do we need an app in Wales? Can't we use the NHS App developed in England?

    NHS Wales is committed to developing technologies which specifically target the needs of the Welsh people. We are creating an app that will be capable of supporting all primary and secondary health, care and wellbeing services. Our programme will reflect what we, as a tight knit country of just over 3 million residents, need to stay well and will enable us to move more efficiently into the future of health and care.


    3. Will the app be safe?

    Any solutions the programme develops will operate within the safe and secure NHS technology environment in Wales within which GPs, hospitals and other health services currently operate. Assurance groups have also been established to ensure the programme meets the highest technical and information management standards.

    If you are interested in supporting the programme or finding out more about our work, email

    Register to join one of our fortnightly e-updates on the NHS Wales App and DSPP.