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NHS75 - Kay Wilkes shares her story

To celebrate the 75 anniversary of the NHS, we will be sharing stories from a range of employees and professions across Digital Health and Care Wales. Today we hear from Kay Wilkes, Project Manager.


Tell us a little about your job role

I lead and manage projects of significant size, complexity, and risk, ensuring they are completed within scope, on time and within budget while meeting stakeholder expectations.

At the moment I’m working on programmes around a large IT system that records and manages patient interactions and treatments with hospitals and care settings. The system’s called the Welsh Patient Administration System (WPAS), and we’re integrating the Cardiff and Vale Health Board PAS into the national PAS to create a single view, which will benefit patients and healthcare staff across Wales. 

What do you enjoy about your job role?

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working in the NHS is the positive impact my role and my team’s role has on patient care.

Working on the implementation of projects that improve processes and technologies within NHS Wales is immensely rewarding. I enjoy the collaborative nature of working on a project that involves individuals from different areas and backgrounds coming together to work towards a common goal.

Additionally, working on a variety of projects, each with its own objectives, requirements, and challenges - helps to keep the role exciting and enables me to develop my skills as a Project Manager.


How did you join your profession

After graduating from University, my first role was as an administrator in Legal and General followed by a number of fixed term contracts in Cardiff University. Back then, I was quite shy, and never envisioned that I would be capable of leading teams and confidently delivering presentations. However, it didn’t take long for me to discover my strengths were organising, planning and problem solving.

I found myself volunteering for side projects and relished the challenges they presented. This led to me pursuing project management qualifications to develop my skills. I eventually got my big break as project manager at Cardiff University and spent six years in the role before moving to the NHS in 2019. I’ve been a project manager for 10 years and still love it! Joining the profession has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for me.

The experiences I gained along the way not only gave me the confidence boost I needed, but also prepared me for my move to the NHS.


How long have you been part of the NHS?

Since April 2019. I worked on the Cancer Programme for two and a half years and then moved to Welsh Patient Administration System in October 2021.


What does the NHS mean to you?

I am forever grateful to live in a country where we have free healthcare, and therefore will never take this for granted. I am proud to work for an organisation with so many inspiring people who put patients at the centre of everything they do. The NHS’ tireless work during the COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted for everyone how incredible the NHS is.