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What is the Analytics Learning Programme?



The Analytics Learning Programme (ALP) is a modular based course which includes virtual classrooms and skills labs to build participants’ analytics capabilities across health and social care in Wales. It is one of a number of initiatives being delivered by the Advanced Analytics group within the NDR to enable collaborative analytics across organisaational boundaries in Wales.   

ALP is a modular based programme, being delivered collaboratively by the National Data Resource, Digital Health and Care Wales, Social Care Wales and KPMG. Modules are taught by expert trainers from health and care organisations across Wales, and supported by digital learning content. The taught programme is followed by a competitive Hackathon where participants scope, design and develop cutting-edge analytics Proof of Concepts (PoC’s), culminating in a presentation and awards event, where solutions are presented to a judging panel of leaders from across Health and Care in Wales. 

Participant feedback highlights the programme content and opportunity for collaboration as particularly beneficial for analysts taking part.  

What modules are included? 

Programme modules are based around core analyst competencies that equip participants with the skills needed to enable future transformation and innovation. As the analytics landscape within health and social care evolves, additional modules will be added to expand on the capabilities enhanced by the Analytics Learning Programme. Tailored learning pathways are available to suit the needs of specific cohorts and cohort groups, with core and optional modules defined to suit participant skillsets and aspirations.

  • Curiosity and Active Listening   
  • Domain Knowledge and Presentation 
  • Visualisation and Storytelling with Data
  • Data Visualisation (Power BI) 
  • Analytical team management and leadership
  • Agile Development and Programming   
  • Problem-solving and Advanced Analysis 
  • SQL Fundamentals 
  • Programming with Python 

Where are we now? 

We are nearing completion of the programme for a second cohort, where over 40 participants have worked together throughout summer and autumn 2022 to complete the taught sessions and deliver exciting proof of concept solutions as part of the Hackathon. The Presentation and Awards event on 23rd November, gave participants the opportunity to showcase their solutions, and judges selected teams to receive awards. In parallel, the learning programme is expanding, and new modules are being created for finance analysts.  

Discovery work is also in progress to develop analytics capabilities connected with the Google Cloud Platform. Plans for the next cohorts are well underway, and a programme for the finance academy will be launched in winter 2022.  

Benefits for a Healthier Wales 

The Analytics Learning Programme is one of a number of Advanced Analytics workstreams focussed on enabling collaborative analytics across health and social care in Wales. This activity ensures that analysts are prepared to use data and generate insights that will benefit patients and improve outcomes.  

Using technology to support high quality services is a key opportunity set out in the plan for ‘a Healthier Wales’ and the Analytics Learning Programme will act as an enabler, helping analysts to acquire the skills needed to generate data to support better clinical decisions.