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Advanced Analytics


NDR Information Governance Framework

Guiding users in adhering to the NDR IG Framework, ensuring ethical standards for data usage.

Care Data Repository (CDR)

CDR serves as Wales' central hub for clinical data, housing patients' care records for easy access and contribution by health and care applications across the nation.

National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP)

NDAP will empower health and care organisations in Wales to efficiently and securely store, access, and analyse data, with the goal of extracting value to enhance patient outcomes.

Application Programming Interface (API) Management

Facilitating secure and efficient data movement between systems and the NDR platform by designing, publishing, securing, and monitoring APIs, ensuring essential data accessibility and security within the NDR.

Secure Data Environment (SDE)

Facilitating collaboration among academia, industry, and health and social care organisations, addressing pressing challenges in health and care.