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Welsh Value in Health Centre

The purpose of the VBHC programme is to improve the health outcomes of the people in Wales, in both a financially sustainable and patient value centred way. This can be achieved through the creation of a data-driven system, including patient reported outcome measures, providing timely information to citizens, clinical teams and decision-making organisations alike. This will help identify treatments that are of maximum patient value.

The role of the DHCW Value Based Health Care (VBHC) team is to give health boards the mechanism to implement Value Based Health Care within their own organisation.  Initially, this is being achieved by designing a series of dashboards on different clinical areas, which bring together data from a wide range of data sources. You can access these dashboards below:


Access Requirements

There are two types of access users can request to the National VBHC dashboards – non-PII and PII access.  Non-PII access will make up the majority of cases and  PII access will only enable patient level drilldown for your own health board.  The type of access required determines the procedure for requesting access;

Non-PII Data 

The user should contact a member of the national VBHC team.  They will pass on the request via email to the dashboard Admin Users at NWIS (the people in NWIS who are able to give access to the dashboards).  For a list of current Admin Users in DHCW, see below

PII Data

The user should request access from their local Head of Information or Director,  who will review and approve/reject the request as relevant. 

Approved requests are then sent to the dashboard Admin Users at DHCW, who are able to grant access (see below)

Changes to Access Rights

Heads of Information/Directors from each health board should inform the Admin Users at DHCW (see below) of any changes to access rights required.  

The current DHCW Admin Users who are able to grant access to dashboards are:

Keith Howkins (

Simon Moss (