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APIs, standards and terminology


Key to the development of the National Data Resource will be the development of an open API platform, information design, standards and terminology services.  These services will enable a more efficient and consistent flow of data around our systems and databases and make the use of data easier.


The Digital Health Ecosystems team are working to enable collaboration between the NHS and other public and private organisations by cataloguing internet facing APIs. This will eventually lead to:

  • Developer Portal

  • API Management 

  • Sandbox Environment 

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a healthcare API that is both interoperable and flexible. The UK Core link can be used to access the most recent UK FHIR standards, local Welsh standards also exist to account for regional variation. The Health Developer Network API Hub should be able to assist with creation of FHIR enabled systems.


Access requirements

When the DHEW Sandbox Environment goes live, it will require specific access. For this you should contact Eugene O'Sullivan (Eugene.O'