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Local Partnership Forum

The Special Health Authority’s LPF is the formal mechanism where NHS Wales employers and trade union/professional bodies work together in partnership to improve health and care services for the people of Wales. It is the forum where key Special Health Authority stakeholders will engage with each other to inform, debate and seek to agree workforce and health service issues.

The DHCW Local Partnership Forum is the formal mechAll Local Partnership Forum (LPF) management and trade union organisation representative members are full and equal members, and share responsibility for the decisions.

In consultation with the recognised trade union organisations and professional organisations (hereafter referred to as trade union organisations), the Special Health Authority shall agree the overall size and composition of the LPF.

The Special Health Authority’s Independent Member with responsibility for staff will attend the LPF in an ex-officio capacity.

At the earliest opportunity, DHCW members will engage with staff organisations in the key discussions within the SHA at the Board, LPF and Directorate levels.

All LPF members are full and equal members of the forum and collectively share responsibility for the decisions made.

The LPF will provide the formal mechanism for consultation, negotiation and communication between the staff organisations and management. The TUC principles of partnership will apply. These principles are:

  • a shared commitment to the success of the organisation
  • a focus on the quality of working life
  • recognition of the legitimate roles of the employer and the trade union
  • a commitment by the employer to employment security
  • openness on both sides and a willingness by the employer to share information and discuss the future plans for the organisation
  • adding value – a shared understanding that the partnership is delivering measurable improvements for the employer, the union and employees


The purpose of the LPF will be to:

  • Establish a regular and formal dialogue between the Executive Directors and staff organisations on matters relating to workforce and health service issues.
  • Enable employers and staff organisations to put forward issues affecting the workforce.
  • Provide opportunities for staff organisations and managers to input into organisation service development plans at an early stage.
  • Consider the implications on staff of service reviews and identify and seek to agree new ways of working.
  • Consider the implications for staff of NHS reorganisations at a national or local level and to work in partnership to achieve mutually successful implementation.
  • Appraise and discuss in partnership the financial performance of the organisation on a regular basis.
  • Appraise and discuss in partnership the organisations services and activity and its implications.
  • Provide opportunities to identify and seek to agree quality issues, including clinical governance, particularly where such issues have implications for staff.
  • Communicate to the partners the key decisions taken by the Board and senior management.
  • Consider national developments in NHS Wales Workforce and Organisational Strategy and the implications for the organisation including matters of service re-profiling.
  • Negotiate on matters subject to local determination.
  • Ensure staff organisation representatives are afforded reasonable paid time off to undertake trade union duties
  • To develop in partnership appropriate facilities arrangements using A4C Facilities Agreement as a minimum standard
  • At the earliest opportunity, the Health Board will engage with trade union organisations in key discussions that may have an impact on the workforce. These discussions may take place at the Integrated Locality Group (ILG) LPFs, Special Health Authority LPF or Board, as appropriate.

Upcoming Local Partnership Forum Meeting 

Date    Time            Meeting Papers and Documents
Tuesday 10th August 2021        10:00  


Past Local Partnership Forum Meetings

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