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Who can look at information through the Welsh GP Record?

A range of health professionals who provide direct healthcare to patients can access the information they need to do their job. These health professionals may include:

  • doctors and nurses working in hospital who are directly involved in your care, such as those in the Accident and Emergency (A&E), Medical Assessment Units (MAU), and Outpatient departments
  • pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in the hospital where you are being treated
  • first responders and advanced paramedics in the ambulance service who are directly involved in your care
  • doctors and nurses working in the GP Out of Hours service who are directly involved in your care
  • community pharmacists providing a one-to-one consultation to you through the Choose Pharmacy Service
  • vaccinators who administer COVID-19 vaccinations through the Welsh Immunisation System (WIS) – vaccinator access is limited to only view prescribed medication and allergies/adverse reactions to medication through WGPR

All these health professionals will only see a summary of the information that they need to be able do their job and treat you.

Summary health information can be accessed by the health professional caring for you wherever you are in Wales, even if you are visiting a different part of the country. Access to the WGPR service is not currently available outside of Wales.