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Advanced Analytics Group for Wales


This group will lead the development of advanced analytics (and AI) capability across health and care in Wales. The overall purpose of this group is to enable, design and deliver the AAG work programme for Wales (under the National Data Resource programme) to meet the objectives of the Digital Health and Care Strategy, at pace and scale.



The work the group undertakes will complement and seek to work with the range of existing analytical, data science and other similar technical focus groups across Wales. An important difference between these groups and this new group is that the Advanced Analytics Group is accountable to and can directly influence the work of Workstream 3 / NDR Programme Board. The Advanced Analytics Group will have a both a strategic and technical focus and will aim to bridge the gap between the analyst and data science community and those managing and leading services and strategies.

The group’s objectives include:

  • Bring together innovative uses of data across health and care in Wales into one place (cataloguing)

  • Factor into development of the National Data Resource - for local and national uses, as appropriate

  • Showcase, engage and share best practice - supported by the Digital Health Ecosystem for Wales programme

  • Facilitate collaboration on projects/initiatives