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Welsh Laboratory Information Management System

This is a clinical IT system used by pathology staff across Wales for storing,  recording and exchanging information such as blood test results.
The system also links to the machines which conduct the tests and analyse the samples.
The system is linked to analysers which are used to produce the majority of tests within laboratories.

Where is the WLIMS?

The WLIMS is centrally hosted but provides the service to every Local Health Board laboratory and other national specialist support services, including:
  • Haematology
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Cervical Cytology
  • Infection Control Services
  • Mortuary Services
  • Blood Transfusion (to be implemented)
  • Haemonetics (blood tracking) (to be implemented)

How has WLIMS improved services?

The national system has introduced a standard approach to testing. It allows health professionals to see all previous tests conducted for a patient, and request new tests, no matter where they are in Wales.

The WLIMS links to the Welsh Clinical Portal and includes functions to support:

  • Improved clinical governance
  • Flexibility, portability and adaptability of service provision
  • Improved demand management and forward planning
  • An improved patient experience
  • Service standardisation
  • Provision of information to the Welsh GP Record



Last updated: January 2021