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My Health Online

Did you know that you can use a mobile phone, tablet or computer to book or cancel an appointment with your GP, or request a repeat prescription? All you need to do is sign up to use My Health Online services.
You can also use My Health Online to see medications and allergies. Patients at some practices can also view their GP record in more detail, which could include patient immunisations.
Just like online banking you can sign up for a range of online services from your GP. Although these will vary from practice to practice and will depend on what your practice is offering. 
You can check what services GP practices offer by looking on the NHS Direct Local Services Search website.
Advantages of online services include:
  • No hanging on the phone, waiting to get through to the GP surgery
  • Convenient access to GP services from home or work — or anywhere with internet access
  • Reduced administration for the GP practice 

How do I get it?

You need to call into your GP practice and sign up. Your GP will issue you with a registration letter, you will need to have proof of identity on you to enable them to do this.
Contact your GP to find out which digital services are available at your practice.
Safe access
All personal information on My Health Online is protected using the highest standards of internet security.